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The head is made of titanium and is 460CC while the shaft is made of graphite. This helps to offset the weight of the head and makes the club overall, pretty light. But we think neophytes will find it much easier to get the basics down with this driver. You get a 10.5 degree loft angle with the Momentus Power Hitter and it comes in a variety of sizes ranging from junior to normal .

With our UTRY® program here, you can order two new clubs for only $25 each with free 3-day shipping, play with them for 14 days after you receive them, and then keep the one you want and return the one you don’t . As golf shaft technology continues to advance, manufacturers are experimenting more with bend profiles within golf shaft flex segments; in other words, not all stiff golf shafts bend the same. While itistrue that a more rigid or stiff shaft flex can assist in creating a straighter shot, the lack of carry distance also means the shot will be a low runner with no chance of stopping.

  • He has dabbled briefly with the SIM Max model, but it looks like the SIM will be his preferred choice in 8°, one click higher on the loft sleeve.
  • The four-time major winner signed with TaylorMade in 2017 and currently plays a full bag of TaylorMade equipment, including all 14 clubs and his ball.
  • It should take seconds but for those that are not sure it will take longer.
  • Understand that every putt has a statistical level of difficulty.

One trick to test the life of your glove is to use the thumb test. Lay the gloves palm side up in you hand and rub your thumb down the palm area. If your thumb slides with no resistance it’s time for a new glove.

If your thumb grabs the leather and pulls it toward you, it still has some life in it. Gloves are probably the easiest piece of equipment to identify when it’s time to get a new one. Wear, discoloration, sweat marks and holes are sure signs it’s time for a new glove. Change spikes after every rounds, when they show signs of wear or cause your feet to slip when swinging or walking. Most companies recommend always having two pairs of shoes in rotation cleaning them after each round and giving them time to dry out.

Wilson claims that the 4 “Power Holes” make this an extremely forgiving driver. These holes are located on the crown and in the sole of the driver.

If you clean the uppers & lowers on your golf shoes after every round you should be able to easily get 2-3 seasons out of them. If, however, you take them off and throw them in your trunk till the next round, you are shortening their life considerably. I’m sure many of you already knew when to replace your grips, but did you know that manufacturers have recommended replacement frequency for almost all of your golf equipment? We did some market research on golf equipment and accessories and listed what we learned below. Many others allow players to shift some weight laterally, particularly toward the heel to promote a draw.

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That’s achieved, again, by slightly moving the center of gravity to promote closing the club face at impact. The opposite is true when you close the face with adjustability. If you get it back to square at impact, you’re adding loft, meaning you’re setting yourself up for a higher launch and potentially a high fade — probably the opposite intended effect. Utry® gives you the freedom to take Golf Clubs, GPS or Rangefinders to your course and to use at your pace! Use it as much as you like so you can really know what the product will do for your game before you invest in it.

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I also enjoy following the PGA Tour and heading to tournaments when I’m able to. Buying a long driver too soon is like giving the keys to a Ferrari to someone who just got their learners permit. The results usually aren’t good and doing so can actually stymie your development. We ended our list with the Cobra 2017 Golf Men’s Max Driver because we think it has something to offer all kinds of players.


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